A Multifaceted Organization

From corporate healthcare operations to individual enrollment, UnityAdvisors supports diverse needs of the health care industry, specifically related to Medicare and Medicaid. This currently includes:

  • Assisting people who will soon be eligible for or currently have Medicare benefits.
  • Serving Health Plans that provide coverage to people with Medicare (MA, SNP & Under 65), to be more effective, efficient and successful Partners with professionals who serve the public as Insurers, Brokers, Agents and Advisors to assure the most ethical and honorable interactions with the public.

Our organizational philosophy is to be a resource to build business success and personal well-being in the 21st century.

We do this by

Serving Individuals who have or are going to have Medicare benefits, and need someone who understands the challenges of securing the most appropriate health plans and coverage based on personal circumstances.

We also manage, recruit and train agent/advisor networks that facilitate access to coverage, particularly to those in search of answers to the who, what, when where and why's of Medicare. We develop prospect access and communication strategies that make sense for, not only the health plan, but particularly for Medicare beneficiaries.

Opportunities for provider organizations

UnityAdvisors develops and maintains "exclusive" agent-advisor networks regionally and nationally for health insurance plans, accountable care organizations (ACOs), and other coverage providers. With exclusive agent-advisor strategies gaining more and more interest by insurance providers, we have leveraged our unique expertise and experience to improving and refining this methodology desired by CMS, Medicare beneficiaries and health plans alike.

Expertise and experience

Every employee at our Wexford, Pennsylvania headquarters has worked in the health care insurance industry and understands:

  • CMS compliance,
  • The business of sales/advisor skills,
  • Health insurance marketing,
  • Insurance program operations,
  • Managed Care industry trends.

We are all versed on the constantly changing federal and state regulations under which insurers and Medicare Advantage Plans (MAPs), must operate in order to be effective and of value to our clients. All staff maintain a health insurance license, are certified by the Association of Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), is a member of The National Ethics Association and all carry professional E&O insurance coverage.

UnityAdvisors provides training, management, and ongoing support to our network agents, be they licensed "exclusively" with a specific insurance organization or on a general contract basis to support organizations within a geographic service area.

For more information
and to answer your specific questions
contact us at 724-719-2791, Ext. 403

For Medicare Advantage Plan Agents, Brokers, Advisors, and Producers

If you are a licensed producer or want to learn about all the benefits of becoming a producer, UnityAdvisors can guide you through the best career network development organization available to those who work in various Medicare and Medicaid fields. UnityAdvisors can be the right training resource for you.

We at UnityAdvisors have more than 10 years of industry experience setting Health Plan sales and marketing business operations up for success. We have catapulted Financial Planners, Property and Causality agents, Life Insurance agents and those in very narrowly defined product verticals like Final Expense professionals to successful Medicare and Medicaid Advantage producers. We believe that this profession has enormous need, value and is ethically satisfying.

We encourage you to take advantage of our expert training, industry insights as well as marketing services and sales support. Our insurance support experts develop strategic plans for producers and the companies where they may be appointed to. We utilize the collective knowledge of our team to determine how to get the greatest return in a market while providing the best service to Medicare eligible prospective clients.

A Resource for Health Plans

Exclusive Agent Network

UnityAdvisors offers your health plan the advantage of maintaining a team of dedicated, highly trained and tailor-made agent advisors. Our "exclusive agents" can substantially increase enrollments over just one Annual Election Period.

With a dedicated network of exclusive advisor agents, your organization will operate as it always has, with one huge advantage. Your organization will work with agent advisors that look, feel and work like staff "employed" by your health plan. Contracting with our excusive-agent development team includes the many sales support services we offer. Using an exclusive team gives your organization an enormously measurable competitive advantage. Using this strategy is a risk-free opportunity to expand resources, reach and rate of membership growth, but best of all, you will retain maximum brand loyalty over enrolled clients year after year.

Standard General Agency Network

Though we are based in Wexford, PA, we are licensed in several states and prepared to help you set up a network of trained agents armed with all the tools and resources of UnityAdvisors anywhere in the country. With our knowledge and organization, your organization will enjoy a simpler, more organized approach to sales as well as a greater return on their investment. We employ use of the best lead management technology to provide our clients with in-depth data on who, what, when, where and why activities are taking place in order to assure there is proof of CMS compliance during audits. You could try to reinvent the wheel, or you can use the experience of our advisors to act as a springboard for your success.

Partner profile

Keystone Medicare Advisors

We support our neighbors each year during the Annual Enrollment Period by providing convenient bricks and mortar locations in western Pennsylvania. Keystone Medical Advisors is a Medicare and Medicaid resource center. Questions, walk-in service and multiple visits are welcome. During the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) 2016, our first location was flooded with individuals wanting a clear understanding of their situation, and the best Medicare solution for their individual needs.

Keystone Medicare Advisors 2017 AEP website.

Keystone Medicare Advisors is centralized, easy to access and thoroughly versed resource for family members and individuals enrolling in, or currently on Medicare.

Last year we served hundreds of beneficiaries at the Clearview Mall, in Butler, PA through the end of AEP 2016 and beyond. Our office continues to receive calls from enrollees with questions and many, many referrals.

Beneficiaries and their family members can reach us at (724) 216-0530 or schedule an appointment at our Wexford Resource Center (4500 Brooktree Road, Suite 102, Wexford, PA 15090).

Year-round, Keystone Medicare Advisors provide opportunities for those who:

  • Are receiving or going to be receiving Medicare by organizing educational meetings.
  • Take and answer calls on products we directly represent, if we can't help you, we will try to find just the right resource for you. All beneficiary concerns are addressed in a patient and thorough manner.

Customer service is king

Keystone Advisors will:

  • Come to homes or meet at a comfortable location for the straight talking facts in a one-to-one setting.
  • Educate those who are receiving or about to enroll in Medicare with entertaining seminars.
  • Participate in and or support community outreach events.